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Rate your current location and share your comments, pictures, and videos to let everyone know where it’s pop’n!The more you share, the higher that locations’ rating goes up.View recent trends from your favorite locations to find out the best times to go. See who’s already there and get notifications when all your favorite spots start pop’n!

Promote Your Event

Get the word out to your audience

Draw a Crowd

Draw a Crowd

Increase your Pop’n or Not? rating by promoting the app at your location. The more your guests post, the higher your rating goes up, which attracts more people looking for events and venues like yours.

Push Advertising

Push Advertising

When your event starts pop’n, Pop’n or Not? will send push notifications to users in your local area. Notifications will be sent to users who’ve selected your location as a favorite and to users who’ve expressed interest in events and venues like yours.

Featured Listing

Featured Listings

Your event is what users will see first when they’re searching for where to go now. With our featured listings, you stand above your competition. Add pictures and a short video to let users know what your event or venue is all about.

Get Interactive

Get Interactive

If you have 1 or more TV’s in your location, enhance your guests experience by getting interactive. Show LIVE comments, pictures and videos posted from your guests using the Pop’n or Not? app right now!

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Pop’n or Not? is rapidly expanding to new cities. Help us decide if your city should be next. Fill out the form to the right to let us know your city is ready to get it pop’n! Also receive the latest news and promotions from Pop’n or Not?

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"I can’t believe it took this long for an app like Pop’n or Not?! To be able to see what’s going on before we leave the house is a game changer for me and my friends. I can’t wait to see what's pop'n near me every weekend. This is going to be perfect for going out of town too."

- Jason F. (App User)

"Pop’n or Not? almost guarantees every night out will be epic! No more hoping it’s a good night for our favorite spots. Now we’ll know before we go! And if plans change, I don’t need to ask where the next hot spot is. With Pop’n or Not? I’ll already know!"

- Jasmine C. (App User)

"Pop’n or Not? makes it easy to promote all my events in one place. Not only is it easier to promote my events but I can also see how they’re all doing in real time without even being there. All for a fraction of the advertising costs I’ve been paying to promote my events elsewhere."

- Jacob from Next up Promotions (Promoter)

"This app gives us a new way to stand out from our competition. The interactive feature is genius and gives us use for all our TV’s after happy hour. And when our club is number 1 in the city on the top 10 list, the line is around the corner! Pop’n or Not? is the best and easiest way to make our club the hottest in the city."

- Michael from Club Sphinx (Club Owner)

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